Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

The queen is essentially the most worthwhile piece in chess apart from the king, and all of it revolves across the flexibility and energy of the piece.

Every participant in a sport of chess begins with just one queen, however extra may be made by buying a pawn on the opponent’s finish of the board that promotes that pawn to a rook, bishop, knight, or queen.

Usually, gamers revolve their chess technique round protecting their queen protected, in addition to opening her as much as make highly effective and oppressive performs.

Much like a rook, the queen can transfer vertically or horizontally throughout the board to any sq. that’s open in any course. Nonetheless, in contrast to the knight, the queen can not cross by means of one other piece.

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Additionally, the queen can transfer diagonally throughout the board in the identical approach {that a} bishop can. It follows the identical guidelines because the bishop and is restricted solely by the variety of squares on the board or the variety of items in the way in which.

On a board that’s utterly open, a queen can transfer ahead, backward, to the correct, left and diagonally ahead or backward in any mixture with left or proper. This makes the queen essentially the most highly effective and dynamic piece within the sport.

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