Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Leela Chess Zero beat Stockfish by a rating of 106-94 within the last of the thirteenth Pc Chess Championship that ended earlier this week. The match performed on servers noticed 26 decisive video games.

The ultimate was the end result of an extended occasion that started on March 10, 2020 and consisted of 5 phases:

  • pentagonal (enhance of three minutes + two seconds): 5 engines per pool, prime two advance
  • triangular (enhance of three minutes + two seconds): three third-place finishers from Pentagon; winner advance
  • heptagonal (enhance of 5 minutes + three seconds): Seven engines, prime 4 advance
  • semi last (10 minutes + three second increments): 4 engines, prime two advance
  • Last (quarter-hour + 5 second increments): Match between two engines

We have already seen a tremendous endgame from the semifinals that featured Leela Chase Zero (LC0), Stockfish, Leelenstein and Komodo. Finally, Lc0 and Stockfish made it to the finals on April 8–14.

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The ultimate consisted of a match of 200 video games, performed repeatedly, with a time management of quarter-hour in increments of 5 seconds. The guide trick was used with variations of various lengths; Generally just one trick was awarded per aspect, generally 10 or somewhat extra.

Full 6-man and syzygy 7-man tablebases have been used, and video games have been performed till a mate or draw was achieved by three-fold repetition, stalemate, 50-move rule, or adjudication.

High-tier video games between tremendous GMs are likely to have increased drawing percentages, and these stronger engines going through one another have even increased draw percentages. 174 video games led to a draw, however there have been nonetheless 26 decisive video games left – those most attention-grabbing to look at from a human standpoint.

Ignoring the draw, Lc0 received the match by a rating of 19-7. Of the 26 decisive video games, solely six have been received by Black, and of these six, just one Black level was made by Stockfish.

Let’s check out some attention-grabbing encounters. For starters, here is recreation 95, which Lc0 received from a recreation the place there are solely strikes 1.c4 e6 Engines have been fed. As NM Sam Copeland stated in his video concerning the recreation, “…we see an unimaginable sense of area from Leela, and the power to make up for Zugzwang with a flood of pawns on the kingside.”

NM Sam Copeland takes us by the sport.

Recreation 169, which started because the Staunton Gambit within the Dutch defence, was completely beautiful. Lc0’s long-term sacrifice of a full bishop on transfer 16 is unbelievable. Eight strikes later, the Queen of Stockfish is trapped. After that, we see a protracted battle the place the fabric imbalance is the queen versus the rook and bishop.

Here is enjoying with the feedback, and a video by IM Danny Rensch:

IM Danny Rensch takes us by the sport.

That is what Stockfish received with the black items in recreation 131. It is fairly a enjoyable recreation as a result of in the end we as soon as once more see LC0 calling the pictures with a gap pawn sacrifice that pays nice compensation based mostly on two bishops. Enjoying towards two knights.

On transfer 45, Leela drops one other pawn in an effort to see extra exercise, however within the meantime, Stockfish’s setup, with the knights on f8 and e6, is remarkably stable.

It isn’t clear what went unsuitable in transfer 51 when Lc0 made the unsuitable queen transfer permitting her rook to be trapped. With easy play, the engine manages to finish the queen endgame underneath a pawn, however it loses on transfer 107.

The match was a conflict between a conventional chess engine that carried out a sophisticated alpha-beta search (Stockfish) and a neural-network-based engine (LC0). In a means, Leela Chase Zero is the open-source model of DeepMind’s AlphaZero, which controversially crushed (after which repeated the feat) Stockfish in a 100-game match.

Extra on AlphaZero and Deep Reinforcement Studying, generally, may be discovered on this latest article.

Beneath is a recreation viewer exhibiting all 26 decisive video games of the match.

See all:

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